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Summoned to earth disguised as a commoner to show people what greatness is, I am actually a Princess/Superstar/Gymbunny from my world. Armed with all things PINK, I set out to make things better. In between my manicures.

Meet Princessa

Princessa (aka Sabrina Wang)

A Little About Me

Hey there! I’m Princessa (pronounced as Prin-ces-sa), the alter ego, online persona, pen name or however you want to call it, of Sabrina Wang. I believe my calling in life is to make my life (and yours) absolutely fabulous, which somewhat explains why I’m part of the coming Project Fabulous campaign!

I love pink, blings and everything else other girls love, but deep down I’m an absolute geek – enjoy my time on my computer, programming stuff, playing computer games (FPS, RTS, MMORPG, etc), watching animes (Naruto, Bleach, Lovely Complex, Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, Fairy Tail, etc), playing pool/billiard with the guys, etc.

Despite my love for my sneakers, every so often I find myself on my 4-inch (make it 5) heels.

As a Tech, Fashion and Lifestyle (somewhat) Celebrity Blogger it is my passion to track down the latest trends and share them with you, my little ones. Via my social media platforms, I bring to you the best of what the web has to offer from the fashion, beauty and entertainment worlds (and sometimes I just like to share whatever is on my mind – it’s usually pink, fyi). I also blog about Fitness, Health, Food, Travel, Technology, Design, Cosplaying, Animes, and Gaming – also my passions.

I am a proud Brand Ambassador of Fabulous Aesthetics, Fashion Blogger of Shopbop.com, Member of StarFitness Singapore, and Pet of my business partners and friends?!

I also serve as a Reality Show Host for Fabulous You by Fabulous Aesthetics.

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Please contact marketing@sabrina.sg (Carolyn Reeves).

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Some of my current engagements include:

  Ambassador of Fabulous Aesthetics (www.facebook.com/fabulousaesthetics)
  Fashion Blogger of Shopbop.com (www.shopbop.com)
  Member of StarFitness Singapore (www.facebook.com/starfitnesssg)
  Host of Fabulous You by Fabulous Aesthetics (www.fabulousaesthetics.com)

Some of my previous engagements include:

  Resident Blogger for MyFatPocket.com (2011 – 2013)
  Ambassador/Feature for ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM, Johnson & Johnson on iWeekly (October 2013)
  Panel Judge for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2013 (August 2013)
  Acted in Unconditional Love aired on Channel U, directed by Zheng Ge Ping (April 2013)
  Host of VALENTINE VENDETTA: The No. 1 Singles V’DAY Party in Singapore (February 2013)
  Host of Blush Fashion Show 2013 (January 2013)
  Lifestyle Blogger for SAYS.com (January 2013)
  Blogger Ambassador for Poh Heng (November 2012)
  Host of iN_Sauce (Fashion, beauty and lifestyle) by iN988 (www.in988.com)
  Co-Host of iN_Vite (Gadgets, gaming and anime/cosplay) by iN988 (www.in988.com)
  Co-Host of iN_Talks (Society as a whole) by iN988 (www.in988.com)
… etc.

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Princessa (aka Sabrina Wang)

“Famed” aside, Sabrina “Princessa” Wang is also an avid businesswoman and social’preneur’, with a specialty in delegating work (haha) – leaning towards PR and Marketing, basically “social”, so they claim.

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Princessa At Work

Princessa (aka Sabrina Wang)

More About My Work

I’ve always dreamed and striven for greatness…

I was brought up in a single parent family, we’re mainly girls, all of us in fact. My mum dots over me, which somewhat spoilt me. The contradiction here was that I was a very shy and lazy kid, yet extremely competitive.

Talking to strangers was a big no-no, yet I could play interschool tournaments for netball, go on stage for ballet, somewhat represented Fuji Ice Palace Singapore for figure ice-skating, and be on live TV for modern dance during some arts festival.

I was chubby, but sporty; yet another contradiction. (After tertiary, I was not as sporty anymore. A little more sporty now though.)

The shyness and laziness turning point came when I got bullied in school and I started to understand the difficulties my mum was going through to actually support (financially mainly) me and my two other sisters.

At 13, I went to look for a part-time job while doing web-designing freelance (people then were more than impressed with HTML and gif images). It wasn’t necessary, my mum gave me more than sufficient allowance. But I wanted to make money and actually overcome my fear of having to speak to strangers.

After having worked, I was out of my shell, but I calculated (was pretty good with math) and realised, this wasn’t going to make my million dollars.

At about 15, I started a little “business” with a couple of my older friends, doing apparel wholesaling. That was a flop, business was okay, but I was not experienced and well… I ended up withdrawing, by force or otherwise.

At 15, you can’t own anything, and I wasn’t about to tell my mum, “Hey mummy, can you sign on the dotted lines for me to start business.” She would kill me, literally.

Soon after, I got hooked to computer gaming and got myself familiarised with not just the game but a bit into the business element of things as well.

I started up a gaming network (web portal backed by vBulletin, it’s a forum-based CMS), co-located servers at data centres (run Linux; did web-hosting, etc), build and sponsored/rented game servers (Counter-Strike mainly, then hosted “Singapore Ragnarok Online”), merged with other networks, etc. I even got myself a position as in probably the first registered gaming society in Singapore. I was about 17/18? Thereabout.

I was also involved in organising the World Cyber Games in the earlier 2000s (can’t really remember which year exactly). So it’s not all tech and geeky; still geeky, but less?

I made a really good friend, Neo Wee Teck, he’s basically my tech guru. He now runs EN Technologies, and we’re still working together after so many years.

In a nutshell, I started and closed many “projects”. It was all very good experiences. Till this day, I’m still trying to gather more knowledge.

Fyi, I had full-times jobs as well.

The later part of my life, which is more current, revolved a lot more on “blogging”, Internet Marketing, Social Media… and (the traditional) Marketing.

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My Boutique

Online, I’m better known as Princessa, an alter ego, online persona, pen name or however you want to call it, of the original version, which is myself, Sabrina. To be absolutely honest, the persona is pretty much a selective version of my actuality. The persona is position to be a little more “ditsy”, carefree, happy go lucky… and a little spoilt.

I started “blogging” over 16 years ago? It was a personal mix development website while exploring the beauty of the internet (as well as HTML) on a 56k modem. Then, the term blogging didn’t even exist. We were still using platforms like Angelfire, if you have even heard of it – Lycos.

One site after another, then suddenly “blogging” hit the world, and afterwards came Social Media – from Web 0 to Web 2.0 to… I somewhat lost track on the numeric.

A lot has changed, so did my supposed “branding”.

When “blogging” popularized, I started adopting “Princess Sabrina” (every girl wants to be a princess). Eventually, there was a need to shorten the name… and poof, the birth of Princessa.

So from geeky gamer girl (I was an avid competitive PC gamer, no joke), I revamped into pink princess.

Why am I saying all this?

♔ Princessa’s Royal Boutique ♔ was/is somewhat the better version of who I am/was. As the Princessa name caught on, it went from an online/blogging persona to somewhat a brand – like Rachel Zoe, Marc Jacobs, etc.

Shop Princessa’s fashion personality – the must-have closet options!

♔ Princessa’s Royal Boutique ♔ is my (Princessa aka Sabrina Wang) fashion personality; featuring my fashion style and must-have closet essentials. Every piece of apparel, bag, accessory, etc. is personally handpicked by me, and can be found in my very own wardrobe.


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Digital & Creative Solutions

I believe the essence of design comes from perseverance, persistence and devotion. It’s a never-ending voyage of seeking perfection.

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Sabrina “Princessa” Wang writes about fairy tales, thoughts, gaming, gadgets, anime, fashion, online shopping (and off), fitness, health, beauty (or rather, anti-aging), love, relationship, inspiration, motivation, etc… and more importantly, living life to its fullest!

The Novelist

Myth blended with twilight romance, in today’s modern day world…

An avid fan of the Twilight saga, my vampire craving traces back to my earlier years, when things were simpler, days were longer, and books were… well… still made of paper.


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“A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.”

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