WordPress Blank Canvas Sales Page Theme

Have something to sell? Now you can quickly and easily create high impact sales pages with WordPress!


“For a Limited Time Only, You Can Download My Popular WordPress Blank Canvas Sales Page Theme for FREE to Use on All Your Sales Letters and Landing Pages”

- Jason Keith

What does this theme provide?

It is a single column theme, which means there is no sidebar to distract your website visitors from your sales message.

It is very easy to install and activate. As a matter-a-fact, if you have ever installed a WordPress theme before, then you can handle with one with no problem.

It is classic black font on white background, which is widely regarded as the best format for people reading your message.

You can easily add headlines in H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6 plus use bold, italics, underline, quote, tables and other formatting with ease!

It can be used to build product sales letters for your own products or for products which you own resale or private label rights.

It can be used to build Affiliate landing pages for pay-per-click marketing. It’s a known fact that Google and Yahoo love sites built with WordPress. Improve your Google AdWords Quality Score!

You can Easily Build Email Squeeze Pages too!

If you have spent much time Internet or Affiliate marketing, you have seen tons of sites built with a similar look and feel to this theme. This is because this design and layout simply CONVERTS!

Click here to download!


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